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Where Do These Words

"Where Do These Words" was composed in 2000 as part of "Conversations With The American Spirit."

Conceived by Paul Zachos working with high school students and local artists in Saratoga Springs New York, "Conversations with the American Spirit" is a multi-media performance piece, which uses the arts to inspire conversation about values and responsibility.

Conversations with the American Spirit begins by posing what we call the Great Questions:
  • What is Americas gift to the world?
  • Have we failed to deliver it?
  • Why?
  • What is holding us back?
  • How can we act on what we know is right and true?
  • What are the wounds that separate us?
  • How can they be healed?
  • What are the foundations for building community?

"Where Do These Words" is based on real questions that young people asked, statements and concerns they have regarding the Great Questions, and how they would engage in "Conversations" with each other and an audience during performances of "Conversations With The American Spirit."


Where Do These Words

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For more information about "Conversations With The American Spirit," contact Paul Zachos, The Center for Social Renewal, 110 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs, New York, 12866.

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