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Here are some selected chamber pieces I have composed and/or arranged. Some of these utilize "classical" instruments; others use those most often associated with jazz.

These are live recordings made somewhat on the fly.


Für Flöte
Solo Flute
[32 kbps MP3 (1.3 MB)]   [128 kbps MP3 (5.3 MB)]

Solo Viola
[32 kbps MP3 (1.5 MB)]   [128 kbps MP3 (6.4 MB)]

This Is What
Solo Cello
[32 kbps MP3 (2.1 MB)]   [128 kbps MP3 (8.4 MB)]

From the "Briefly Noted" Song Cycle

The Time Has Come
Text: Lady Mary Worth (1621)
[32 kbps MP3 (1.1 MB)]   [128 kbps MP3 (4.5 MB)]

Come Back Safely
Text: Sylva Gaboudikan
Translated by Diana Der Hovanessian
[32 kbps MP3 (1.0 MB)]   [128 kbps MP3 (4.3 MB)]

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